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Linking real world media to mobile devices

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


The first thing to think about is how your contact details will look on mobile phones, and how people will find you in their contacts.
if you are a Plumber called Fred Smith then I suspect people will look in their contact list for "Plumber"
So in that case you would put "Plumber" in the name field, and put Bob Smith in the title field.

If you are making a corporate 3DvCard not specific to an individual person then you might put your brand in the name field and your slogan or tag line in the title field.

You can leave address field and post code blank if don't need people to know your postal address.

Test it out, once you have made your 3DvCard test it and make changes until you are happy with it

Get those 3DvCards out there, have a rubber stamp made with it on, put it on your products, get your details on your customers mobile phones so they can recommend your business to others.