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Linking real world media to mobile devices

What is 3DvCard?

Scan to save my contact details Scan the image on the right with your mobile phone and it will put
my contact details in to your contacts on your mobile phone!

That is mobile penetration right there !!

I don't expect you to manually type my Name, Company name, Company address, Phone number, Cell phone number, Email address and Website address into your mobile phone using a tiny keyboard without any spelling mistakes.

You can't expect your customers to do it either.

It's just a black and white image which can be printed on Letterheads, Business Cards, Flyers, Newspaper Advertisements, Vehicles, even Buildings, websites and tee shirts.
The simple fact is: if someone scans the image with their mobile phone it stores your contact details in their contacts on their mobile phone, if you're in business you need a 3DvCard.

What if My details change?

This is the really cool part:
Your 3D barcode image always stays the same, its the vCard it links to that you can change anytime.

Example: Suppose you make a 3DvCard send it to the printer who prints it on your letterheads, then you send some letters out .
Then years later you change your phone number or change your business name etc. You come back here and update your details.

If someone scans one of those old letterheads from years ago they will get your current up to date information!!
Because the image stays the same, it just links to the vCard and you maintain the vCard here on this website.

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Example Scenario

Fictitious Local Plumber Bob Smith wants to boost his business.
Being a wise chap he creates a 3DvCard
..He saves the his 3D bardcode image on his computer by right clicking and Save As...
..Then emails the people who maintain his website and asks them to put the 3D barcode on his contact page.
..Then emails the printers and has thousands of Flyers printed containing his 3D barcode with the text "Scan to save in Contacts" printed close to it
..Then emails the local Newspaper and takes out an advertisement also containing his 3D barcode and the words "Scan to save in Contacts" etc.
..Then he contacts the sign writers and has a large vinyl 3D barcode put on the site of his van.
..Then he paste's his 3D barcode and HTML link into his email signature.

It impossible to know how many people will scan his 3DvCard, but we do know if thousands of people in Bob's local area have his details stored on their mobile phones it is going to be very good for Bob's business

People very rarely remove contacts and they always transfer contact to their new mobile phones, the trick is getting your details into their contacts.


There is no doubt we are in a "mobile revolution" Business in the 21st century is all about communication.

In 2012, the U.S. saw a 55% increase in smartphone subscriptions to make for 98 million smartphone subscribers, representing nearly 42% of all U.S. mobile users. See comScore 2012
Adults spend more media time on mobile than newspapers and magazines combined. See eMarketer
61% of smartphone users make local searches from a device See Fifth Annual comScore Local Search Usage
At the end of 2011, nearly 1 in 5 smartphone users scanned product barcodes See comScore 2012
QR code usage jumped 617% from January to December 2011 in top 100 magazines See Nellymoser

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how does it work?

When you sign up and enter your details, we make vCard and store it on our server, then we make a 3D barcode image (also called a QR code) that links to the vCard.
Your personal 3DvCard maintenance page displays popular sizes for you you to Right click and Save As.. onto your computer. You can also create larger sized images at the bottom of the page.
Now you can send the image to the Printers, Sign writers Newspaper etc.

Example QR Code

About vCards and QR Codes

Where as a normal striped barcode contains numbers, QR codes or 3D barcodes contain letters and numbers: the QR Code on the right simply has the words "Welcome to 3DvCard.com"

vCards have been around almost as long as the world wide web, they are the industry standard format for communicating contact information. Because they've been around so long most if not all email systems and mobile devices accept them.